Wine Toasting

Our Company

US Wine Exports is a full-service wine producer and supplier and the leading exporter of California wines worldwide. US Wine Exports was founded over twelve years ago with the vision of bringing the absolute best US produced wines to the world market. Since the company’s introduction, we continue to supply high quality, exceptionally priced wines to a range of clients including some of the world’s largest international retail chains, as well as some small local wine shops. US Wine Exports continues to run as a family owned and operated business keeping to the deep-rooted tradition of building relationships with our customers and providing them with exceptional service and value.



Our Team

Our Team is led by an experienced group of senior executives who are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service with a deep understanding of the international wine market place. Our US and global offices are committed to your export and distribution needs worldwide. We are working together to make US Wines the world’s first choice.